How to Have a Lasting Relationship

We just recently came from a quick getaway and another province has been scratched in our TREASURE MAP OF JOY AND LOVE! Boracay it is! It's our first ever domestic flight and our #Visayas2017 goal has just began...

Every place that we visit, every country or province that we scratch on our TREASURE MAPS OF JOY AND LOVE makes a sweeter HOME SWEET HOME IN MOTION for us and our kids! It's a shared learning experience that no book can teach us nor any amount of money can buy! It's a gift we give ourselves after every hard work we've exerted to make these dream vacations happen! This year we have added 5 new provinces in the Philippines and 4 more countries in our bucket list! I can't believe we've gone that far but our #relationshipGoalsToForever are still far from over...

The world is still a large playground! We have more pages of our passports for stamps and more spaces in our TREASURE MAPS to scratch! Each scratch gives a sense of fulfillment... that feeling that makes us a little richer of memories that we'll treasure for the rest of our lives. Every adventure unlocked is a step closer to our LEVEL FOREVER! 

But being a mom, reality bites each time we go home after travels! (^_^) The LAUNDRY! hehhehe...

Being a backpacker and "kuripot" mom at the same time, I don't want to spend too much on laundry at hotels so I make it a point to do the laundry when we go back  home. Wet clothes and swimsuits get washed first then comes the dry ones! To keep our travel clothes and swimsuits soft and mabango, I make sure I use a fabric conditioner every after washing time! Good thing my trusty Del Forever Joy and Love now has 15x longer lasting bangooooo vs a regular detergent brand based on consumer test in Metro Manila. It keeps that long lasting scent that makes us excited to wear these clothes again on our next #abuelAdventures to add in our TREASURE MAP of love and joy...

Just like that long lasting bangooo done by DEL Forever Joy and Love to our clothers, we make sure that we have that long lasting bangooooo relationships with the people we really care about! Travels may be too expensive and taxing at times but simple gestures can make us still live by our commitment of for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, for better or worse, 'til death do us part!

As a young couple, we've just reached LEVEL 12 of level forever and we're still to learn many things about relationships. Let me share some lessons learned and tips that we find super effective when it comes to our daily journey to reaching our level FOREVER!

Lesson learned No 1:  Walang "U" sa FOREVER!

Relationships are not all about YOU or ME. It's US! To make things work, it has always been both of US! In fact, it's no longer US now, we now have three addition to our journey to level forever! We have our three kids to keep ourselves going. They are our 1UP, our hundred lives, our Super Turbo! It's us who have been playing together to build a happy house that will shelter our happy family. We are our own magic combo to reach our dreams. We are player 1 and 2 until level FOREVER!  Times may be tough for sure but our wedding vows and commitment are stronger than our challenges! At the end of the day..

Patatawanin kita

Pag hindi ka masaya

Bubuhatin kita

Pag nirayuma ka na

O kay sarap isipin

Kasama kang tumanda... 

Lesson Learned No.2:   Don't fight when you're HANGRY!

When anger and hunger meets on both worlds, that is World War 3 in the making! Sometimes, all it takes is an isaw at Mang Larry's or a detour at Maginhawa to make things work out. Acids in my stomach seems to not care of forever when I'm hungry. This is my best excuse for having a dinner date! When we eat together, we can talk, you crack some corny joke then we're all ok! Hunger complicates things, so let's just have dinner dates more often... because for all we know... Gutom lang yan! Let's alway be Happy instead of Hangry!

Lesson Learned No.3:  Drive to work together

While it's economical, driving to work is also ROMANTIC! Traffic has been more of our perfect excuse to date while driving. It's those sacred moment of no movement on the road that we get to share our most intimate stories and build our plans for the future together. We become captive audience of our stories and jokes that build our bonds stronger as a couple and as a family! We don't just drive to work, the whole world is ours for the taking! We go for road trip, boat trip and plane trips together! We'd go the distance to widen our horizon but keep our commitments closer. When we travel, it's our HOME IN MOTION, the sky is our roof and our backyard are the seas and the mountains the beauty of which never fails to take our breath away. At the end of each adventure, we scratch our TREASURE MAPS and marvel on how far we've been... and how far we're going further to reach level Forever!

Lesson Learned No.4: Don't postpone Joy!

When it's time to celebrate, do CELEBRATE! Being busy is not an excuse. Make time for each other. Celebrate anniversaries, even monthsaries, birthdays, a closed project, a target reached or just about anything worth spending the time with each other. Make every excuse to CELEBRATE JOY! Enjoy everything! Don't wait for things to be easier, more simple or better. They won't. Life will always be difficult. Don't postpone JOY and Learn to be happy right now!

Lesson Learned No 5: Put GOD in the middle of our relationship

This is the most important to us. It's good to have someone greater than ourselves to rule our relationships. At times when our human wisdom is no longer enough to fathom whatever we're going through, there is God's wisdom who is more powerful and able. God never puts us this far to leave us. It keeps our relationships in proper perspective and makes our decisions anchored on full trust and obedience to whatever plan God has installed for us. 
Our walk with God is a walk of faith, our BONUS ROUND to reaching LEVEL FOREVER! 

Now I have a little secret to spill...

I am a fan of Team Kramer! I love them not only that they have three "makukulit" but so adorable kids like us but they are also a Christian couple! I have been following their Instagram and Facebook posts and I can't help but agree with how they are putting God as the center of their relationship. I admire how one couple can be bold enough of their faith and how they are now building a good example to young couples like us...

Me and Perci practically grew up together!  We're classmates in 5th Grade and I never knew I'd marry my best friend 10 years after! Who would've thought that fate would let me meet my soulmate at age ten? Now we've just celebrated our 12th year wedding anniversary and that Grade 5 childhood sweetheart feels is just as fresh!

As I look back at those 20 years that have passed, I can only feel so fulfilled knowing that I ended up with someone I have always wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Until now that we already have our three kids, I have never outgrown the fun and excitement that I used to feel when it was just the two of us. We may have been the carefree us when we're in college but God must've been so good to mold us into our better selves as the two decades swiftly passed over us!

Our kids are our trophies for a job well done! Each smile on their face is an assurance of how we've been living the life we have always dreamt for our happy family...

20 years have passed and we're still far from forever! Each day is a brand new lesson learned. A brand new achievement to unlock. Until we reach our goal to level forever..

At the end of the day, there is really no SECRET to a lasting relationship a.k.a. FOREVER... you just have to believe there is and make it work!

'Til our next #abuelAdventure and reality bites of doing the laundry with DEL Forever Joy and Love while scratching our next province or country in our TREASURE MAPS ! 'Til our NEXT LEVEL to our journey to LEVEL FOREVER!


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