Deciphering FX Driver Weird Phonetics

Everytime I ride an FX on the way to school or the office, I am having this trouble understanding the terms that the FX drivers use when they talk over their radio (walkie talkie). It feels like I'm being alienated or whatever out of place in their conversation with another driver over their walkie-talkie. Quite strange, even wondered why are they having such codes? What if they are leading us to some odd place... "Money Market, Tango, Oscar Kilo Oscar Kilo!" WTF?  hahahah... 

Here are some of their frequently used terms,  just so we may be well informed.

oscar kilo - OK
Tango Sierra - Tandang Sora
double mama - MMDA
Money Market - Terminal/End of the line, lugar na pinagkakakitaan (NOVALICHES BAYAN)
Tango - Tao
Uniform Tusok - U-Turn
Sierra Mike - SM North
Sierra Bravo - SB Road
Spaghetti pababa - clover leaf sa balintawak
White lady - north cemetery, bagabag cemetery
Legaspi - mayon
tamagochi -pulis
yellow boys - SB traffic officer
Kilo Papa - Kingspoint subdivision
Alambre - shortcutan nila
Evacom- Ever Gotesco Commonwealth

I'm excited to know more of these codes in the future. Just for FUN!

I'm adding another one in the list, care of my friend Jefferson Pingol.

Itik- mga estudyanteng  lumalabas galing sa school.

More phonetics to come (^_^).

These phonetics must have originated from the original police codes. Check out this link .

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  1. hi. this is really funny. keep 'em coming. i'm from the north so i tend to hear these.