The whereabouts of our car repair and maintenance

We gave our ride, a Daewoo GTE Racer, some holiday treat this Christmas season.

Since it's a second hand auto, we had it's airconditioning system fixed and we bought a set of interior car mats on it. Next up, is its periodic car maintenance by changing the brake pads, spark plugs, fuel and oil filters, change engine and gear oil and replaced the wiper blades. Finally we've had the auto tint replaced, bought a new car stereo and speaker.

Here's a map of our whereabouts regarding our car maintenance.

View CAR SOLUTIONS in a larger map

Periodic Car Maintenance at CAPITOL AUTO SUPPLY

Auto Tint installation

Car Stereo, Speaker and Power Antenna Installation
Maintaining a car was quite expensive but really the comfort it brings us especially when we have our kids on board is really worth the spend.

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