20 Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web

20 Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web

Good graphics and illustration, easy explanation much like my headstart books.
A basic introduction to Internet surfing... and choosing the right Browser.

 The 20 things:
1. What is the internet? -
- or, “You say tomato, i say tCP/iP

2. Cloud computing -
- or, why it’s ok for a truck to crush
your laptop

3. Web Apps
- or, “life, liberty and the Pursuit of appiness”

4. HTML, JavasCriPt, Css and more
- or, this is not your mom’s aJax

5. HTML5
- or, in the beginning there was no <\video\>

6. 3d in the browser
- or, browsing with more deptH

7. A browser madrigal
- or, old vs. modern browser

8. Plug-ins
- or, pepperoni for your cheese pizza

9. Browser extensions
- or, superpowers for your browser

10. Synchronizing the browser
-or, why it’s ok for a truck to crush your laptop, part II

11. Browser Cookies
- or, thanks for the memories

12. Browsers and Privacy
-or, giving you choices to protect your privacy in the browser

13. Malware, Phishing, and security risks
- or, if it quacks like a duck but isn’t a duck

14. How modern browsers help Protect You From malware and Phishing
- or, beware the ne’er-do-wells!

15. Using web addresses to staY saFe
- or, “my name is url

16. IP addresses and dns
- or, the phantom phone booth

- or, “Dr. Livingstone, I presume?”

18. evolving to a Faster web
- or, speeding up images, video, and Javascript on the web

19. Open source and browsers
- or, standing on the shoulders of giants

20. 19 things later...
- or, a day in the clouds

Didn't learn much from this , but my sister who loves to surf the net without minding some security attacks would surely benefit from this.
Its internet in a nutshell. This is by Google by the way.

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