The first new "50-peso bill" that landed in my hand

1.29.2011- I got my first "new 50-peso bill". Yehey!

Front design: new 50-peso bill
This bill's front design features a fresher look for Pres. Sergio Osmena. The Leyte landing and the First Philippine National Assembly appears on the sides.

At the back is Taal Lake and the fish Maliputo  Caran Ignobilis which is said to thrive only on the said lake. A map of the Philiipines showing the respective location of Taal which is Batangas appears also on the back design.

Back design: new 50-peso bill
Oh well I know many have already had their own new bills too. Anyhow I am just happy I have mine too...

And here's more MUCHO DINERO! hahhahha...

I'm not planning to keep all these... just a piece per new bill will do. I hope I'd get my new 100,500 and 1000-peso bill soon. (^_^)

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