How to go back from Yahoomail BETA to All New Yahoomail

I have tried the new Yahoomail BETA. I am currently using the All new yahoomail which is an improvement of the Yahoomail Classic. I like the features so I adopted it and am using it for more than two or three years now (really am not so sure when I started adopting it).

This morning I received an e-mail from Yahoo saying that they are improving the mail service. I then tried the BETA version. I say I don't like it that much because of the following reasons:
1. I'm not interested with the updates tab.
2. It has more advertisement than the previous version.
3. I don't like the integration of the Yahoo (with top stories, popular searches, etc.) page inside my mail.
4. I can't customize my chat status.It became simply Available, Busy and Invisible to Everyone.
5. I don't like windowed chat like that of Gmail. I prefer the tabbed chat from the All-new-Yahoomail.
6. My conversations are archived.
7. I don't like Facebook integration.

Anyways, simply put, I'm returning to my old All-New-Yahoomail. Here's how:

Help>Leave the Mail Preview and told them I'm not ready to switch plus my enumerated comments above.> Pressed continue. And I'm back.

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