Sources of Earthquake Information for the Philippines

This morning, around 1AM, here in the Philippines, an earthquake has just once more shaken our country. I honestly didn't feel it, we were already asleep that time. My sister in law, wide-awake at that moment, said she felt it at UP-Ayala Technohub while making a call. And while reading my friends' post in Facebook, I get to confirm, that indeed there was again a shaking in the Island of Luzon. This island feels some shaking not quite often. So when it moves, it would surely be a fuss!

The terror of the 1990 Luzon quake, which devastated most structures in Luzon, along with the fear for the BIG-ONE set to happen anytime in Metro Manila has always been the cause of mass agitation regarding this sudden ground shaking.

On times like these, my usual notion is to check where the epicenter was. The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS) is the government agency mandated to issue a bulletin regarding the latest earthquake information in the Philippines. As of this post, there has been three shaking in Zambales, almost approxiamately an hour interval. Latest earthquake information can be found at:

And this early morning quake was at Magnitude 5.9 with epicenter along Iba, Zambales.

If you want some live update regarding the recent earthquakes in the Philippines, PHIVOLCS has got an earthquake monitor located at the office lobby for public viewing. It reports on the recent earthquake locations along with their corresponding maps.

Now if you want some immediate information online, you can check out the USGS website too. They do give relevant and quick information regarding the earthquake happenings in the world.  You can check out the information here:

This morning's quake was reported at the same magnitude, epicenter location and approximately the same depth.

Now they may at some points report some slight deviations. This is mainly due to the differences in the locations of their instruments which may affect the readings based on proximity. Local magnitude I think is more reliable since they've got more instruments for monitoring and regularly checked by our seismologists as compared to the automatic surface magnitudes generated by the USGS equipment here that is being reported worldwide.

So yeah, we can't stop an earthquake from happening nor a volcano from erupting, they are BUT NATURAL PHENOMENON, but we are always been constantly reminded how to mitigate the risks. Let us just be well-prepared and properly informed ALWAYS!

Be safe everyone!(^_^)

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