Have you tried Google Fusion Tables?

Apart from the awesome Google Maps and Google Earth. Did you know that you could embed your spatial data in Google Fusion Tables?

Google Fusion Tables is meant for visualizing your data in a spreadsheet. It produces cool charts (bar, pie, scatter, line) for just about any formatted table you have.

You may input a spreadsheet directly from your Google Docs or you may also opt to create a new table from scratch. the steps are easy, just follow the step-by-step instruction at .

Here's a cool line chart that I have created before. It shows the series of oil price hikes since we bought a car last year. It gives me an idea where our next gas refilling station will be. Pretty neat display too. And kudos for it being interactive. Yay!

Now for the geospatial people/geek, you might want to try using this Google Fusion Tables for visualizing your latest database. As long as you have some data with spatial components i.e. geographic coordinates (latitude, longitude), this is already good to go.

What's nice is that it is really interoperable with other Google Products e.g. Google Docs, Google Earth, Blogger, etc. It even has the option to export the created file in KML format.

I played around with our data last night and it was a pleasant surprise. Here's my first try to plot in Fusion Tables.

In the map below is a result of our tree survey, using an Android App,  along the Engineering grounds of UP Diliman.  This initial database is in preparation for a collaborative mapping of trees in UP Diliman for carbon footprints mapping purposes. Try clicking with some points and you'll get to see the attributes of that certain tree e.g. diameter, height, species etc. I'll have to explore more of this, I hope you will too...

Now for those who are not in the geospatial field, this Google Fusion Tables would still surely be of big help. You might want to visualize some trends or analytic report or some playing with a URL or perhaps some favorite tourist destinations with attributes that you want displayed in a map.  Time to experiment folks. Let's play Google(^_^).

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