What’s a Healthy Deal?

With the proliferation of many deal sites and group buying sites, it's a rare opportunity that I get to encounter a deal site that mainly focuses on health and well being. This is one HEALTHY DEAL really!

So what is a Healthy Deal after all?
- It's like getting healthy while getting wealthy. It's a more of like hitting two birds with a stone. Just as we know of the famous cliche that HEALTH IS WEALTH, it is with much elation that I get to encounter both in a single deal.

For us who truly value our money, we can be as "kuripot" with our buying. As much as possible we want to get the cheapest without sacrificing on the quality of service that we get. So that's when we get WEALTHY! Because we can be thrifty and save, we know we are handling our finances well hence getting wealthy soon after that.

Now for the healthy part, Healthy Deals Philippines is the newest and only group-buying site in the Philippines that offers health and wellness deals, coupons and discounts.

So you just heard it right, being healthy doesn't have to be so expensive after all. We can choose from the available Health Deals and fare our way to a healthier and still wealthier you!

I have recently checked a deal that I think is way too Awesome.

Whiter Teeth with Dentista Inc.’s Whitening Package (Conventional Gel Tooth Whitening + FREE OTHER DENTAL SERVICES) valued at Php 11,000 instead of Php 20,400

Admit it or not, having whiter teeth can give you the confidence to meet and socialize with more people. One smile is enough to dazzle customers, clients, friends and of course, your date! Unfortunately, whiter teeth thru teeth whitening procedure are not permanent. A dentist will advise you to have a regular cleaning session (prophylaxis) and a ‘touch up’ of tooth whitening material every 6 months to maintain your desired shade.  These services are exclusive of the whitening procedure. They require additional fees. But with Dentista Inc.’s Whitening Bleaching Package, getting whiter teeth and maintaining it will cost you less!

Being able to flaunt an honestly white teeth while saving P9000.00 is just plain spoiling. I personally would love to try this soon!

I bet you want to give it a try too. So hurry while the deal is on!  

And for the fun part, for all BLOGGERS out there, here's another good deal from Healthy Deals Philippines.

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Have a Happy Healthy Deal everyone! (^_^)

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