How to view ESRI Shapefiles in Googlemaps

OK so this is quite an inelegant solution but I have tried it though. :)

I had the need to view a shapefile that I made in ArcGIS 10.0 and now I want to view it in Google Earth and/or Google Maps.

So first if you have a shapefile, convert it to kmz format using the Arc Toolbox> Conversion>To KML> Layer to KML.

A window will pop out. In the layer field, input your shapefile. Specify Output File in *.kmz format. Type "1" as Layer Output Scale.

You're DONE! Navigate through the folder where you save your *kmz file and double click it to view it on Google Earth.

Now the need to view it in Google Maps arises when I have to identify names of places that are not labeled yet in Google Earth.

To view your KMZ in Google Maps, just save your KMZ file in a public URL and paste the URL in the Google Maps search bar.

In my case, I have uploaded it to Dropbox, then I got the public link and paste it in Google Maps.

Hope this helps. Happy mapping :)

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