How to choose a course for college and get a career after graduation

A few weeks ago, I was asked to give a short talk to a few young people about some wisdom on choosing their college course or future career. Since I haven't gone into the industry and had much of my time spent on research, I preferred taking the college course guidance part and leaving the industry and career after graduation part to my husband who has gone farther than me in terms of employment and experience of course. 

So for me, I made this analogy: Choosing your college course is almost the same as choosing your next faithful pair of shoes!
  1. Your choice of shoes should fit your budget and so is your choice of college course. - Have a reality check. You might be wanting the most expensive shoes and yet you know you can't afford it just yet. You may try your way by working harder while studying to earn your dream degree and yet end up not finishing it because of deeper financial constraints. So you better be real earlier or end up in regret of an unfinished dream.
  2. You will be the one to wear it so you yourself should love it. - Be passion driven. Know what you love doing the most and start from there. Your hobby may not necessarily bring you more money but later on in life, when you get to choose your respective jobs, you wouldn't want to get burned out because of a job that pushes you to death simply because you don't find enjoyment in doing it but you just want to earn big bucks for it. Mind you, loosing a job is more bearable than loosing your smile. 
  3. You will invest money, time and effort and choosing it so you better get the best pair that will fit your needs. - What are your priorities in choosing a course or career? Do you want to earn more money or do you want to improve your skills and doesn't really care if you earn or not afterwards? You set your standards and choose the course that will best fit such yardsticks. Choosing an inexpensive career from a vocational school on being a "barista/ bar tender" and then getting into a well-known hotel or cafe is more rewarding than finishing an expensive nursing degree ending up as a call-center agent after graduation.  
  4. You will use it for long so it must be sturdy and can withstand the test of time. Make sure you buy a tried and tested brand- Do your homework and research for the best institution offering your career of choice. The school may not be the real determinant of your success but it will surely pave you the way. Just as you may be needing or learning far more than what you've learned from the four corners of your classroom when you get into the industry, graduates from the best schools always have their edge.
  5. You wouldn't want to have so many other people wearing the same shoes as yours. - Don't take a course just because it's IN. Four or five years from now, that employment boom today may no longer be that in-demand as it is. You wouldn't want to compete with others in terms of employment afterwards or worse, you wouldn't want to be underemployed afterwards and not having the chance to practice your honed skills simply because there are no enough jobs for all of you graduates of that course. If you can, I fervently hope you will... please don't ride at the BANDWAGON of unemployed/ underemployed after graduation. 
  6. When everything else fails and you feel like you ain't got a choice at all, TRUST THAT GOD WILL GIVE YOU THE BEST PAIR! - I have my own gauge of divine intervention. If I got an opportunity smoothly, almost without lifting my fingers, I know it's God's will. Do your best in choosing your career but make sure  you keep the balance between all aspects - social, physical, intellectual and spiritual most importantly. I was once a stranger to this Geomatics field. I never even knew such course exist but I knew God placed me in here to make a difference. It's the divine intervention that made me push through and eventually love the field that I am into right now.  I would always think that GOD GAVE ME THIS and HE has a plan for me... of that I'm SURE! Of that I'm SURE!
And one last word and I think this is as important as your choice of career. Remember that the moment you get there ...    "Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might." (Ecclesiastes 9:10)

Always give your best shot and develop into the dark room where you're processed. Plan your flight path, map your future and build a GIS of your dreams. #graduatesROCK-ON! 

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