Who's talking about MH 370?

Been checking out the progress of the Malaysian Flight MH370 sudden disappearance. It was really some sort of mystery with all the speculations including odd topics of alien abduction and Bermuda Triangle topics getting out there.

Tried working around with some maps to see heat maps of such fuss. Tried fetching frequency of getottagged Twitter, Flicker and YouTube feeds containing MH370 in their posts reveal the maps below:

USA is really so into it but interestingly Africa is also on close monitoring as well. No wonder Philippines just got to have its own spot since it was lately hailed as the selfiest place on Earth with most Instagram geottaged posts tagged with #selfie. We're so into social networking really.

I hope the mystery will be resolved soon.

Want to fetch some live feed? Use this web app that I have made and log in using your Twitter account to view real time maps.

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