We've got an android ínside our ride this morning

Lately we've been minding some few renovations inside our ride. When we have just purchased a new sound system inside it, we thought of actually having something to view upon. A mobile theater system so to speak. We usually place our notebook in the dashboard then let our kids watch from the backseat, but too bad, it doesn't have some solid state drive so we're afraid it might get damaged because of some vibrations. Then we just decided to buy an APad, a smaller one and something that would fit rightly on top of our dashboard.

We grabbed a unit of an aPad (MID APad M701 7.0 Inch Touch Screen Android Tablet PC )
because its cheap and its running in Android OS. Android is opensource and there's an android app market installed in it where we can shop for cools apps for free. And for it's purpose as an in-house movie player for our car, it would serve very much beyond our need. I can do my e-book reading (as a colored version of a Kindle), plants vs zombies, social networking, bible reading and many many more while stuck in a traffic jam on my way to the office.

Basic tech specs:





CPU Processor Speed:

633MHZ DSP VIA8505 FOR M706 /M710

2GB (Expandable up to 16GB)



Memory Slot:



0.3M Pixels digital camera

Color Display:

7 inch TFT LCD with Resistance Touch Screen



Battery Type:

rechargeable Polymer battery.

Battery Capacity:

3000mAh / 2.5hours continuous usage 72hours standby





G Sensor:


I/O Ports:

T-flash, 3.5mm headphone, In-built microphone.

Wireless Network:

WiFi 80211b/g / LAN


OS Android 2.05


Google Browser










Google Map

It also works on Globe Tattoo, Smart Bro and Sun Wireless broadband for 3G internet. Plus lots of free software packages available such as GoogleMap, Facebook, Bible, PvZ, Youtube, Document to Go, Google Chrome lite browser, Skype and many many more. Plus free downloadable apps in some android market. I am now currently fishing apps (educational games ) for my kids at .

Some cool educational apps my husband spotted at androidzoom:
- Kid mode: Kids games + videos
- Pearson Education
- Chicken Preschool 

My little Cassy and David would surely love playing with these games on and off board.

My aPad comes with a leather casing too, extra protection for better portability.

Will post more about new functionalities and adventures with this Android dude in the days to come!

The whereabouts of our car repair and maintenance

We gave our ride, a Daewoo GTE Racer, some holiday treat this Christmas season.

Since it's a second hand auto, we had it's airconditioning system fixed and we bought a set of interior car mats on it. Next up, is its periodic car maintenance by changing the brake pads, spark plugs, fuel and oil filters, change engine and gear oil and replaced the wiper blades. Finally we've had the auto tint replaced, bought a new car stereo and speaker.

Here's a map of our whereabouts regarding our car maintenance.

View CAR SOLUTIONS in a larger map

Periodic Car Maintenance at CAPITOL AUTO SUPPLY

Auto Tint installation

Car Stereo, Speaker and Power Antenna Installation
Maintaining a car was quite expensive but really the comfort it brings us especially when we have our kids on board is really worth the spend.


This Family Badly Wants a Blackberry Curve 3G for Another Weekend/Holiday Adventure...

It's Christmas time and I'll take a break on writing some geeky stuff and do spend this rare chance to post about my wonderful family. It was my 4th Christmas away from my mom and dad, and also my 4th being a mom to two wonderful kids and a very loving husband. And as I may say I'm so blessed.

We do take shots of the very precious moments we do spend together. Be it a simple ice cream eat out, birthdays or our Anniversary, we do keep and treasure every moment were blessed to share together.

We say we're camera whores and we badly need a Blackberry Curve 3G to do the task for us. My phone is almost retiring now, and it's a good thing TechPinas has their TechPinas Gadget Bonanza # 1 where I am crossing my fingers on getting a new phone. You know moms, being "kuripot" and all, just of course to save even a little will count much to hardly make both ends meet.

Me and my husband Perci are always out for work on weekdays and even on Saturdays too for Perci... that's why we make it a point to spend our Sundays (and holidays as well!) with them ..go to church, eat out, stroll and play at the park,...that means so much to them, and for us too. Me and Perci always wish we will always have time for bonding moments like this..'coz we know it's not the quantity but the quality of time we have for them that really counts...

For this year 2010, here are the simple yet very memorable adventures we've shared... Captioned specially for TechPinas Gadget Bonanza # 1.

A family with a Blackberry that goes to church together stays together...
The 32GB storage space of Blackberry will record many more moments like this... 
Next year Cassy will turn 5... and next year the shots will be from our very own Blackberry...
Hope we'll get it free from TechPinas...
We'll fit ourselves inside this small inflattable pool just to have a Blackberry curve 3G!
Smile like crazy with a Blackberry!
Geo-tagging photos and posting them directly to my Facebook
and Twitter account is easy with my Blackberry curve 3G...
More joyrides like this with a GPS on our car, powered by a Blackberry Curve 3G
Yes we are camera whores...  and we badly need a Blackberry Curve 3G
for more bonding moment shots like this...
PHOTO TAKEN ON OUR 100th month anniversary...  

Hope to have more of these kind of adventures next year and the years to come.


Deciphering FX Driver Weird Phonetics

Everytime I ride an FX on the way to school or the office, I am having this trouble understanding the terms that the FX drivers use when they talk over their radio (walkie talkie). It feels like I'm being alienated or whatever out of place in their conversation with another driver over their walkie-talkie. Quite strange, even wondered why are they having such codes? What if they are leading us to some odd place... "Money Market, Tango, Oscar Kilo Oscar Kilo!" WTF?  hahahah... 

Here are some of their frequently used terms,  just so we may be well informed.

oscar kilo - OK
Tango Sierra - Tandang Sora
double mama - MMDA
Money Market - Terminal/End of the line, lugar na pinagkakakitaan (NOVALICHES BAYAN)
Tango - Tao
Uniform Tusok - U-Turn
Sierra Mike - SM North
Sierra Bravo - SB Road
Spaghetti pababa - clover leaf sa balintawak
White lady - north cemetery, bagabag cemetery
Legaspi - mayon
tamagochi -pulis
yellow boys - SB traffic officer
Kilo Papa - Kingspoint subdivision
Alambre - shortcutan nila
Evacom- Ever Gotesco Commonwealth

I'm excited to know more of these codes in the future. Just for FUN!

I'm adding another one in the list, care of my friend Jefferson Pingol.

Itik- mga estudyanteng  lumalabas galing sa school.

More phonetics to come (^_^).

These phonetics must have originated from the original police codes. Check out this link .


Creating Entity-relationship Diagrams (E-R Diagrams)

Last semester for my introductory GIS class, part of a laboratory exercise is on creating E-R Diagrams which for me is a simple graph of the relationships between different objects within an interface. In programming, it is much like the UML (Unified Modeling Language) class diagrams that we are making before proceeding to the actual coding.

E-R diagram 
A data model, which is a high level description of the available data, is needed in storing relevant information in a database. In designing databases, there should be a conceptual and the physical phase. The creation of E-R (entity-relationship) diagrams belong to the conceptual phase. The E-R diagram serves as the blueprint before creating a database.

There are things such as entity sets within an E-R Diagram
1. Entity – person, place, object, event, concept. 
representation in the E-R diagram - table in the database
shape in the E-R diagram -  RECTANGLE 

2. Entity sets – collection of similar entities (same as “class” in object - oriented languages)

3. Attribute – property / characteristic of an entity
representation in the E-R diagram - fields in a table
shape in the E-R diagram -   OVAL 

4. Relationship – the link between entities 
representation in the E-R diagram - primary key-foreign key equivalence in related tables
shape in the E-R diagram -   diamond or writeup in the relationship line

Sample E-R Diagrams that I have made
Case1: Finding the best location for a landslide - flooding evacuation site using GIS

Case2: Developing a GIS that will be used to organize and display real property information

For creating simple E-R and UML diagrams above , I use a free and light weight java application called UMLET. UMLet is very easy to use, simple drag-and-drop of some preset icons and you can also create templates out of your UMLs and you can easily export your final diagram in pdf,jpeg and other supported formats and UMLet is open source.