Got my first ever "new" 20-peso bill

Philippine bills design have been revamped a few weeks ago. I got my first piece last 1.16.2011. Tantararaaaannn...
Front design : New Philippine 20-peso Bill
 President Manuel Quezon looks really fresh here. The Malacanan Palace is now on the front design as compared to the older 20-peso bill. It bears the signature of the current president at the time of this bill's production - Benigno S. Aquino III.

Back design: New Philippine 20-peso bill

At the back is a UNESCO World Heritage site - the Banawe Rice Terraces and the Palm Civet.

Also on that day, I have been quite lucky to win a collector's item - a  "10-peso-commemorative-coin".
10-peso commemorative coin

This is in commemoration of the People Power Revolution. The coin is made of pure nickel and 36-mm in diameter.
10-peso commemorative coin cover
I just felt like being a numismatist on that day. Got two collector's item in a row. I'm happy and am looking forward to the other new Philippine peso bills and I just hope it won't get that worn out by the time it reaches me. (^_^)

Already got my new 50-peso bill- 29January2011. Yehey!

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