Got my first ever "new" 20-peso bill

Philippine bills design have been revamped a few weeks ago. I got my first piece last 1.16.2011. Tantararaaaannn...
Front design : New Philippine 20-peso Bill
 President Manuel Quezon looks really fresh here. The Malacanan Palace is now on the front design as compared to the older 20-peso bill. It bears the signature of the current president at the time of this bill's production - Benigno S. Aquino III.

Back design: New Philippine 20-peso bill

At the back is a UNESCO World Heritage site - the Banawe Rice Terraces and the Palm Civet.

Also on that day, I have been quite lucky to win a collector's item - a  "10-peso-commemorative-coin".
10-peso commemorative coin

This is in commemoration of the People Power Revolution. The coin is made of pure nickel and 36-mm in diameter.
10-peso commemorative coin cover
I just felt like being a numismatist on that day. Got two collector's item in a row. I'm happy and am looking forward to the other new Philippine peso bills and I just hope it won't get that worn out by the time it reaches me. (^_^)

Already got my new 50-peso bill- 29January2011. Yehey!


On winning that Blackberry Curve 3G in time for my 25th Birthday...

While I've been receiving quite a number of blessings lately, I never actually thought I'm yet to receive another BIG-TIME BLESSING, on my Silver Year... and it's a Blackberry Curve 3G! I got it by winning from a blog contest at TechPinas.

It all started with me being really addicted to Tech Blogs, been really syndicating lots of feeds all in my GoogleReader account. TechPinas is one of my local favorites. I like it because they do give the selling price of the gadgets they are featuring so I won't fly around looking for the price and converting some foreign currency to Philippine Peso. Plus I love the reviews and the way he really responds to reader's comments, that way I know I'm not talking to a BOT or something... hahahhaha...

So when I've discovered they're giving away a free phone, I said, "Why not? I'll go give it a try. Anyway it's free... and who doesn't want a Blackberry Curve 3G by the way..." so again, I'm one of the hopefuls, until on the 3rd of January, to my awe, I WON! And the rest was history...

Yesterday I finally got my new phone and the experience was simply smashing.  Can I just say I am the source of envy of many people now because I've got a Blackberry phone, and I got it for FREE! Weeeee...

Thank you Sir Mark of TechPinas and VirtusionPR, Ms. Therese and all other staff right there who are so accommodating and so cool, I can feel that they are as equally excited as me when I came by their office to claim my prize. To my family who has been my lucky charm since then, thank you for inspiring me to write my entry, and to that Guy above who's been so generous, even spoiling me for His provisions to me and my family... thank you for being one Great God!

Right now, me and my Blackberry 9300 is on our honeymoon stage... so "PLEASE DON'T DISTURB!"ahhahhah..just kiddding...


20 Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web

20 Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web

Good graphics and illustration, easy explanation much like my headstart books.
A basic introduction to Internet surfing... and choosing the right Browser.

 The 20 things:
1. What is the internet? -
- or, “You say tomato, i say tCP/iP

2. Cloud computing -
- or, why it’s ok for a truck to crush
your laptop

3. Web Apps
- or, “life, liberty and the Pursuit of appiness”

4. HTML, JavasCriPt, Css and more
- or, this is not your mom’s aJax

5. HTML5
- or, in the beginning there was no <\video\>

6. 3d in the browser
- or, browsing with more deptH

7. A browser madrigal
- or, old vs. modern browser

8. Plug-ins
- or, pepperoni for your cheese pizza

9. Browser extensions
- or, superpowers for your browser

10. Synchronizing the browser
-or, why it’s ok for a truck to crush your laptop, part II

11. Browser Cookies
- or, thanks for the memories

12. Browsers and Privacy
-or, giving you choices to protect your privacy in the browser

13. Malware, Phishing, and security risks
- or, if it quacks like a duck but isn’t a duck

14. How modern browsers help Protect You From malware and Phishing
- or, beware the ne’er-do-wells!

15. Using web addresses to staY saFe
- or, “my name is url

16. IP addresses and dns
- or, the phantom phone booth

- or, “Dr. Livingstone, I presume?”

18. evolving to a Faster web
- or, speeding up images, video, and Javascript on the web

19. Open source and browsers
- or, standing on the shoulders of giants

20. 19 things later...
- or, a day in the clouds

Didn't learn much from this , but my sister who loves to surf the net without minding some security attacks would surely benefit from this.
Its internet in a nutshell. This is by Google by the way.


Thumbs ups and downs of our AndroidPad

We bought an APad a few weeks ago and here are my thumbs ups and downs of the unit that I got.

Thumbs Up:
1. Wi-fi  - connects excellently to the available connections. Doesn't support proxy configurations.
2. Facebook - uses facebook mobile so the interface is quite different from the usual desktop app. For first time facebook log-in, status "<Your name> installed Android application on his/her phone." And on posts using the app, it will indicate that you updated status via Mobile Web.
3. App market -has a pre-installed app market which is APad compatible. If you try fishing for apps using the default browser, some apps can't be installed in the unit, maybe because of the difference in the screen resolution. I got a few apps installed using the this appmarket.
5. DocumentsToGo - very nice and decent app that allows me to view my pdf , doc and ppt files on the go. Quite slow though but pretty useful app. Docx and pptx formats are not supported.
4. Googlemaps- default view is on China so the language is Chinese, but when you browse somewhere southeast, you get to find the Philippine map and the places' annotations are in English language.
GoogleMap app for Android showing a portion of the Philippine Map

5. Youtube - has a dedicated Youtube app where video browsing is easier as it automatically converts the video resolution to APad's screen resolution.
6. Browser - the default browser is powered by Google. Haven't tried tabbed browsing using it, don't know how to do it yet. hehehe.. The distributor also gave me a Dolphin browser Mini and it supports tabbed browsing. Great!
Dolphin browser showing the capability for tabbed browsing

7. Task Killer app -  lets you choose which app to kill in case the APad performance gets a bit laggy.
Task kiler app interface

8. Plants vs. Zombies - my kids play with this app and I think they're very much enjoying it.
My Cassy getting busy with PvZ

9.   It has a factory reset button in case everything got messed up. After I factory resetted it, the documentsToGo, Skype, YouTube and the files in the home folder are not deleted.
The settings menu

10. The distributor, from where I've bought this unit, gave me a lifetime warranty for its battery. For as long as the two stickers at the back are not tampered, I can go to their store and surrender the unit and have it replaced by a NEW one! Isn't that really nice? But up to now, the battery is still working 2.5 hours as specified in their ads so no need for replacement just yet.
11. It fell from the top of our cabinet to the wooden floor and it still worked! Haahha.. no LCD damage. I may have gotten a lucky faithful unit.
12. When not on my ride, I bring it at home or in the office. At home, my kid's are the ones using it. They are button-clicking-happy so they got the apps really messed up. Most apps experienced forced close. They must have deleted an important package in the system. I did a factory reset and everything went back to normal. But I have to re-install other needed apps though.

Thumbs down:
- I can't upgrade it to the latest version because the lifetime warranty will be voided. The seller told me that one of his clients did and the touch screen capability didn't work anymore. So why take risk? Hahahaah...
- The videos have to be converted to PSP screen resolution first before you can view one, I think that's why they have a dedicated youtube viewer to patch up to this.
- Screen is hazy, low screen resolution.
- Sounds not so clear.
- Videos appear a bit laggy and pixelated.
- The app market won't connect if the wifi signal is poor. The apps given by the one to whom I've bought the unit are all working i.e. Plants vs. Zombies, Bibles and bible verses, facebook, fingerpaint, google skymap, and meebo works perfectly. There are many other games, quite simple and light weight ones, that I haven't installed because my kids can get somewhat addicted to playing it so I'd rather not install it.

Got some screen captures here:
The home screen

Some installed apps

Some installed apps

My videos interface 

Magic Album




AcroBible Lite welcome screen

AcroBible Lite


Overall it's pretty much BEST BUY for me considering its price and its capabilities and performance.


Android apps for the fitness buff or for just about anyone who wants to loose some pounds after the holiday eating splurge

The Christmas holiday is over. The dilemma on late Christmas shopping, what-gifts-to-buy, and party hopping is finally over. And now for the first quarter of the year, fitness centers are on a boom! I sure bet that many swore again to loose the extra pounds they've acquired due to excessive partying, reunions and not to mention the abundant Noche Buena (Christmas eve dinner) and Media Noche (New Year's eve meal). Diet and exercise is again on top of the list of our ever famous New Year's Resolution.

Well, since we've recently acquired a cool phone that allows us to download lots of free stuff over the net, I'd better start trying out this cool fitness android apps. Here are some of them (in no particular order since I haven't tried anyone of these just yet...)

For exercise, weight training and just about any fitness routine:
1.  JEFIT  - Workout Planner with hundreds of workout exercise. Smart workout logs. Sync your progress with PC. Charts for tracking workout and body stats. Workout 1RM, BMI. Super-set workout. Bodybuilding/weight training/fitness App.

2. HIIT interval training timer - Stopwatch for interval cardio training. A great way to burn fat in a short & intense workout.

3. Endomodo - Track your workouts, Challenge your friends, Analyze your training. With Endomondo on your phone, you can track your running, cycling and other sports. It's fun, it's social and it's motivating.

4. KeepTrack - KeepTrack allows you to track any value over time, watch its trend as a graph and get reminded when new values need to be added. For example you might track weight (for diets), sport & training, blood sugar (for diabetes), pills consumption or game scores.

5. My Tracks - My Tracks is an application for your AndroidTM phone that enables you to record GPS tracks and view live statistics – such as time, speed, distance, and elevation – while hiking, biking, running or participating in other outdoor activities. Once recorded, you can share your tracks, upload them to Google Spreadsheets and visualize them on Google My Maps.

6. Cardio Trainer - next-generation mobile fitness application that can be your virtual training partner for running, biking, hiking, skiing or just about any outdoor activity you can imagine. CardioTrainer also features Facebook integration, so if you are a Facebook user, simply select "Install Facebook App" from the homepage, and your uploaded tracks will be automatically shown to your friends on Facebook. (I'M SO EXCITED TO USE THIS APP!)

7. RunKeeper - RunKeeper is now available for Android-based mobile devices! Now Android device owners can track the time, distance, speed, pace, calories, and path on a map for their fitness activities using their GPS enabled mobile device.

8. iFitness - Fitness provides 300 exercises, text and video instruction, over 20 routines, logging and graphing abilities - all within the palm of your hand. Track your weight, import your iPhone data, and more!

To keep track of some calorie intake, here are some:
 1. Calorie Counter - is a must-have tool for finding and documenting the Nutrition Facts for the foods that you eat.  If you’re looking to lose weight or want to maintain your current body-type, Calorie Counter will help you achieve your goals.  This app is extremely functional with many useful features that make it very easy to use.

2. WWDiary - Food tracker, Weight tracker, Supports new PointsPlus & old system, Food point calculators, Point allowance calculators, Favorites, Widgets.

3. MyFitnessPal -  Gives you full mobile access to your account — including our entire food and exercise database — so you can log your food and exercise from anywhere, at any time! All changes made on your phone will be synchronized with our website and vice versa. Best of all, it's 100% FREE!

4. Food Nutrition - Find Nutrition and Calorie information for thousands of foods.  Search or browse through your favorite restaurant and store brands, while looking up nutrition on the go.

And my New Year's Resolution is to "Walk my Talk" so I better grab one of this cool apps and test which of these would bring some miracle to my big fat belly. Happy new year, happy fitness buffing everyone!